B2B relationships are pretty much mandatory for the growth of a business; more importantly the type of  relationship you establish with your clients will determine how happy and successful you will be as a business. Loyal clients aka as a successful business occur when your business provides the client with good feelings.

Why Give Gifts?

Corporate Gifting  is a small step taken by all businesses to maintain cordial relationships with their clients. Only by nurturing, cultivating and maintaining a relationship can you hope to cross any divides and work towards a common goal. Often these gifts convey to the client that you care about their success, goals and their lives. Thus, the goal of any B2B gifts should be to:

​  • Nurture good relationships which will, in turn, generate new leads and improve traffic to your company.

• Provide incentives to customers to make them stick around

• Reinforces your brand and sets you apart

• Realize that they are human and make them feel special.

B2B Gifting Ideas

​ The important aspects of successful B2B gifting are:

​ • They should have a personal touch

​ • They should be memorable.

Make It Personalized

​Personalization conveys to the client that you are interested in their lives  and every single aspect of the relationship matters to you. It is always a personal interaction that makes you stand out. Just make sure the gift carries the recipient’s name, family name, initials or children’s names.  NOT YOURS!!!

Make It Memorable

​ Mugs, candles, calendars, are common and repetitious and at times also convey a “don’t care” attitude. A foolproof B2B gift is innovative and intuitive and meaningful.

Make It Appropriate

Do not try to get overly friendly with a client who maintains distance. The key to a perfect gift is to know what to give, whom to give and when to give.

Start Early

​ If you want your gift to stand out you must start early; last minute deals are always boring and common. To personalize each gift, you must collect all data about each client and then get down to the business of choosing a gift that will be useful to the client. Think of your clients when buying a gift and not about you.

A few tips here:

​ • Firstly, you must have a budget for your gifts. Lavish gifts are not advisable at all; you must not give the impression that you are bribing a client.

​ • A business who understands your needs and makes the gifts truly memorable and takes care of an attached card and shipping worldwide is your best bet. ​


​ Personalizing a gift requires time and effort; your client will be thrilled to receive a personalized gift because it shows that you care enough to spend time on choosing a gift that is meaningful. Giving gifts is a small gesture but it plays a big role in the customer relationships and will help in the growth of your business.

A client, employee, boss, colleague friend or family member always remembers how you made them FEEL!

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